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Quick Trip: “Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?”

Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?” is the title of a November 2017 article by Caitlin Cruz in the online publication them. It has the enticing subtitle “they haven’t disappeared — the gender binary has.” With a subtitle like that, I assumed there would be a good deal of discussion about non-binary individuals who embrace the butch aesthetic (yay! That’s me!). I also (perhaps selfishly) assumed that there would be discussion about non-binary gender identities more broadly, especially with teases like this quote, “But watching the changing state of gender has been a balm for Jule.” However, the article never really addresses non-cis gender identities other than tangentially – definitely a tease lacking a satisfying follow-through. (more…)

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Quick Trip: We Exist – Beyond the Binary

“What if the world told you that you do not exist?” This is the central theme of We Exist – Beyond the Binary, an independently produced documentary featuring Lauren Lubin, a former Division I basketball player who identifies as non-binary. The film traces Lubin’s journey of gender discovery (and top surgery) and includes interviews with physicians and other LGBTQ advocates (including Kristin Russo and Tyler Ford). (more…)