About Me

I am a Gen-X genderqueer non-binary, pansexual woman who has spent the past few years finding my gender identity, navigating what that identity means to me and my life, and retooling my gender presentation – both in the workplace and in life, coming out, and reading about and exploring what it means to me to be non-binary. I want to create a place where assigned-female-at-birth (AFAB) non-binary folks can see themselves reflected online, feel validated, and be inspired to embrace their identities, and be confident in who they are.

A bit more on my  journey here: It All Started Before I Knew It Was Beginning

Other things I’m into: dog mushing (as a fan, not a participant), San Francisco (I’m a third-generation native!), trees, fog, the Pacific Northwest, travel, reading, history…

Oh, and I also have MS (multiple sclerosis), which I was diagnosed with in the spring of 2017 (but likely had for 15ish years before that). And I had thyroid cancer in 2004. If anyone ever has questions or anything about those topics, I’m happy to chat!

I’d love to hear from you!! Drop me a line!