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“Gender Dysphoria, or Just Hating My Gender?”

Gender dysphoria, gender resentment, socialized misogyny…

I’ve been mulling these topics over for ages and have been jotting notes for a post on the topic for a while now, too. Last Thursday’s (9/20/18) Dear Prudence advice column (second letter at the link) prompted me to flesh out my thoughts… or at least take them out for a test drive. (more…)

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Quick Trip: We Exist – Beyond the Binary

“What if the world told you that you do not exist?” This is the central theme of We Exist – Beyond the Binary, an independently produced documentary featuring Lauren Lubin, a former Division I basketball player who identifies as non-binary. The film traces Lubin’s journey of gender discovery (and top surgery) and includes interviews with physicians and other LGBTQ advocates (including Kristin Russo and Tyler Ford). (more…)

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Ash Hardell, YouTuber, author, and non-binary person tweeted yesterday, “… Know any nb people over 30 years old? Tag them (or yourself) in a reply to this tweet! I’m looking for folks to be in a project”

My mental response was, “Oooooh! Me! Me! Me! And ‘over 30?’ Try over 45!!” I replied to the tweet with a more mature sentence structure. And I don’t mind saying that I hope my reply tweet is noticed… Community is important and I’m looking for one.


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Five Things I Love (and Five Things I Don’t Love) About Being Genderqueer/Non-Binary

Five Things…

First, a MASSIVE caveat. These lists should really be titled: “Five Things I Love (and Five Things I Don’t Love) About Being a Genderqueer Non-Binary Woman Who Prefers to Present Masculine of Center, Doesn’t Wear Makeup, Dislikes Dresses, and Who Wants Everyone to Know That This is Just my Own personal Perspective and is NOT Representative of Everyone who Identifies as Non-Binary.”


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Who is They?

— “I went to the post office and asked about the new Willa Cather stamps.”
— “Oh yeah? What’d they say?”

A personal essay in support of they pronouns and why I both do and don’t feel a connection to them…

We’ve been using the “singular they” for a long time in conversational language. Written language (thankfully) evolved in the last 30-ish years away from “him” and “he” standing in for both male and female to the relatively inclusive, but awkward, “he/she,” “(s)he,” or “him or her.” (more…)